Precise template

My first template on Themeforest, you can find details on the Themeforest page. Quality requirements on Themeforest are really high, just some average theme won't be approved. Hence for the beginning I chose simple HTML template for web under construction. My template was approved so from my first idea "I just give it a try" wound up a business opportunity.

Template has more than 400 sales, anyway later I decided not to sell on Themeforest anymore. The main reason was that the sales are completely unpredictable. You can work on a template for months and yet you've got no quarantee of earning a single dollar.

Don't get the impression that you should try Themeforest as well. There is a huge amount of templates that are rejected because they lack quality or are just marked as not enought interesting for potencial custommers. I saw many authors trying to find out why their templates had not been accepted. Templates that took a lot of time to create but are quite useless after all.


Project details

Date: March 21, 2014
Technologies: HTML5 & CSS3, Themeforest, Design